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Minty Magic
Massage Oil

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Formulated with a lively & energizing blend of mints & camphorous organic essential oils to help release apathy, lethargy & heaviness.

  • Enjoy a cooling effect when used a massage oil for tight or tired muscles and feet
  • Useful for digestion discomforts when applied in a clockwise motion over stomach
  • Useful for congestion
  • Cooling for hot feet
  • Stimulating aroma combats fatigue
  • Great for office workers or repetitive tasks that result in neck & shoulder tension


Carrier oils: Hazelnut, MCT Oil, Organic Extra Virgin Olive, Hempseed, Grapeseed, Rice Bran & Extra Virgin Avocado

Essential oils: Peppermint (Supreme & Japanese), Wintergreen (China & Nepal), Lavandin, Spearmint, Eucalyptus, & Lemon

Preservation: Elderberry Extract & Grapefruit Seed Extract

SIZE: 50ml