Essential Oils & Synergy Blends

Earth Extracts strives to source fresh, unaltered, therapeutic essential oils to use in remedies and offer as certified organic single extracts and synergy blends.

Aimed to help busy folk choose and utilize the oils + maximize the plants capacity to aid in your healing, you will find comprehensive descriptions of each oil and synergy blend. 

Perfume Wands vs. Therapy Oils

Our Perfume Wands are infused with crystals and shimmering micas in your typical 10ml roller bottle. Perfume wands have higher concentrations of essential oils for long lasting fragrance and therapeutic properties.  

Therapy Oils come in 30ml bottles, also infused with crystals, the essential oil concentration is between a body oil and a perfume wand. They are designed to be applied on your neck, chest and arms for an immediate and powerful limbic response. For example, in a situation where panic or a heightened state of anxiety arises, you would use your Therapy Oil. For general anxiety management you can use the Perfume Wand for a more subtle aromatherapy experience, as the amount used is significantly less. 

DIY Accessories

Earth Extracts is thrilled to support the DIY enthusiasts who want to attend our DIY workshops and formulate their own remedies. This will be an area that will be expanding over time. So stay tuned my DIY friends and budding herbalists!