Herbal Remedies

Topical Remedies

Salves, creams and herbal oils are great options to manage symptoms that appear through the skin while we work on healing the root cause. As is the case for arthritis, eczema, psoriasis, rashes and acne. 

Herbal healing salves also speed up superficial wound healing and reduce the incidence of scaring. They are also beloved by children who feel comfort from receiving some loving treatment for their boo-boos. 

Rapid Repair 

The Rapid Repair Ritual Kit was not only designed for those tattoo addicts but also anyone healing from skin abrasions or surgical incisions. 

For tattoo after care, the system supports healing, reduces irritation and illuminates your art piece. 

For general skin healing you will find some relief from itching, pain, dryness and scar reduction.  

Pain Relief

Earth Extracts #1 selling products with the most consistent reorders are the herbal pain saves and oils. The process begins each spring with a spring walk to ethically harvest sticky poplar buds. Although the process is time consuming, it is so enjoyable to get outside and be in a state of gratitude and connection with the trees after a long Canadian winter. The buds are then macerated with Olive oil to make Balm of Gilead. 

Many herbs are infused into oils to offer more pain relieving, anti-inflammatory and local circulation properties to the blend. The essential oils are carefully chosen to provide more of these benefits and detoxifying effects. 

This is a formula that have been approved upon, year after year, for over a decade. A must try for anyone suffering from arthritis, sore muscles, neck tension or nerve pain.