Earth & Resin <br> Botanical Tallow Balm

Earth & Resin
Botanical Tallow Balm

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"Sometimes your next halting step is more powerful than the grandest vision. All a leaf knows about building a tree is to turn towards the light" ~ James Pearson


Earth & Tallow represents the unity of nature, the divinity, grace and grandeur that exists around and within us.  It is the union of nature and mammal. Instinctual. Intelligent. Interconnected. It is the beauty and healing that emerges from a space that is sacred and ancient. Earth & Tallow embodies the delicate balance of sturdy masculinity and the divine feminine. Formulated to soften and soothe weathered skin that has endured long days in the wind, sun, heat and cold... whilst... there is a sense of serenity when soaking into a delicate skin with fine lines of wisdom that tell stories of a lifetime. Earth & Resin is the youthful glow reflected back into the eyes of an ancient soul. 


Carrier oils: Tallow, Grapeseed (Infusion), Jojoba, Castor, Olive Squalane, Wheatgerm, Babchi Seed
Essential oils: Vetiver, Palo Santo, Patchouli, Frankincense, Copaiba, Clary Sage, Cedarwood, Amber
Herbs:  Gotu Kola, Hibiscus, Rose Hip, Licorice Root, Horsetail, Marshmallow, Chrysanthemum
Waxes & Butters: Beeswax & Mango Butter
Preservation: Elderberry Extract, Vitamin E, Rosemary Antioxidant & Grapefruit Seed Extract


There is a rich history of using the volatile oils of plants as a spiritual aid and to help achieve emotional harmony. The effects on the nervous system and energetic bodies are both anecdotal and clinical. Featured below are a few energetic benefits that are traditionally related with our Earth & Resin blend of essential oils & resin oils:

  • Aids in healing emotional wounds
  • Energetically grounding & balancing
  • Eases nervous tension
  • Supports reflection and introspection
  • Offers a sense of peace, especially during meditation.
  • Helps to overcome mental fatigue
  • Inspires sensual moods
  • Helps to reduce stress and depression
  • Encourages creative inspiration to flow freely
  • Supports deep, restful sleep


Each and every ingredient has been researched and intuitively chosen to be included in the formula in order to create synergy and coherence between the plant extracts. The result is a high vibrational, effective potion that supports your skin through the delivery of essential vitamins, minerals, proteins and moisturization. 

Tallow is valued for its abundant nourishing fatty acids, vitamins, and other beneficial compounds which make it highly compatible with our skin's natural oils. Its holistic properties not only moisturize and heal but also promote a radiant and youthful complexion. Moreover, tallow's natural collagen-boosting properties enhance skin elasticity, leading to plump and rejuvenated skin. The consistent use of tallow in skincare routines can result in visibly reduced signs of aging, offering a natural alternative to synthetic anti-aging products.

Babchi Seed (Bakuchiol) is a powerful, plant-based ingredient that is touted as the natural version of retinol and is gaining popularity‚ especially among those with sensitive skin. Clinical studies have revealed that although Bakuchiol acts differently than the synthetic retinol, Bakuchiol yields the same results if not better... and without the harsh side affects retinol can cause to the skin and internal systems.

Olive Squalane is an emollient that flows in between the cells of the epidermis to smooth out and significantly soften the texture of skin. It additionally creates a natural, protective barrier on the skin's surface to slow down transepidermal water loss.

Elderberry Extract is a unique, multi-functional ingredient delivers antioxidant and anti-aging skin conditioning benefits, while providing natural antimicrobial efficacy for cosmetic formulations.

The oils:

Copaiba Resin is effective in helping to reduce scarring, inflammation, and other skin-related challenges.

Amber Resin accelerates skin regeneration, increasing the skin's firmness and elasticity, providing an overall anti-aging effect.

Frankincense resin is helpful in promoting overall skin health, such as reducing the appearance of mature skin and scars due to its ability to repair skin cells.

Vetiver has a natural affinity for the skin and an ability to enhance skin health and radiance. This oil is often used to help treat topical skin ailments, such as eczema and rosacea.

Cedarwood supports the revitalization of dull, congested skin by encouraging healthy microbial balance.

The herbs:

Gotu Kola contains essential amino acids help repair the skin barrier and prevent transepidermal water loss. With increased moisture content, your skin appears plump, hydrated and healthy.

Rose hips are rich in vitamins A, C, E and essential fatty acids that can improve signs of aging, pigmentation and skin moisturization.

Hibiscus promote skin enhancing effects such as improving skin elasticity, providing anti-oxidant qualities through Vitamin C, and increased circulation.  Vitamin C has been shown to promote anti-aging and anti-oxidant properties required for collagen production. Collagen is essential in maintaining healthy-looking, young skin.


SIZE: 30g