Gemmotherapy extracts are made from the fresh embryonic tissue of plants, most commonly the new leaf buds. They are then macerated in water, glycerin and alcohol within two hours of harvesting to ensure that the meristem cells are at their peak medicinal potential. 

Meristem cells have the unique ability to remind your body how to function properly. The extracts are powerful drainers, harmonizing and toning organs + systems to eliminate toxins and regenerate healthy cell tissue. 

To support the nervous system, one drop on the tongue daily is a typical protocol. There are 3 stages beginning with harmonizing your sensory input through the central nervous system. The second stage is releasing the need for protection through the autonomic system and the third stage is optimizing your sleep.

Remarkable changes and challenges can be overcome by harmonizing your nervous system. It is then that we move onto full dose elimination extracts, followed by deep acting extracts that target specific ailments. A consultation is required to move onto these deeper acting extracts. 

Gemmotherapy extracts can also be taken as preventative to support your wellbeing and restore your immunity. In acute protocols the extracts will help to ward off viruses and  lessen the severity of symptoms. Gemmotherapy extracts are valuable remedies to include in your home apothecary. Having a variety of extracts will ensure that you are fully supported during the first stages, duration and convalescence of an acute illness.

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Lauren Hubele is my teacher and mentor. She sources her extracts directly from the manufacturers and research team in Europe. She carries a complete range of extracts that are of superior quality. Her store is based in the US and you will have to place an email to make your order if you reside in Canada: It takes about 3 weeks to receive your order and will pay duties upon pickup.


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