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Bath Products

One of the best self care practices for destressing and unwinding is to light some candles and indulge in a soothing botanical bath. It is important to ensure that the products you are soaking in are all natural. The key here is to nourish and detox.  

Linen Sprays & Air Fresheners

Linen sprays are a simple luxury you can offer yourself and your family. The aroma and therapeutic benefits are especially nourishing when it comes time to crawl into bed. The linen sprays are formulated with calming and uplifting essential oils, where as the air fresheners have a deodorizing, air purifying nature to them and can be used to deodorize bathrooms, freshen up rooms + car interiors and spray onto shoes, jackets and gym wear in-between washes. 


Diffusers are convenient and often stylish ways to bring natural scents into your home. As a new category for Earth Extracts, we will begin to build our collection. So stay tuned for new arrivals! 

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