Gemmotherapy Nervous System Stage 1

Stage 1 Nervous system extracts consist of 6 extracts that work to harmonize your central nervous system and soothe sensory input. Often resolving overwhelm, irritability and mood instability while fostering a connection to pleasurable sensory inputs.

How microdosing gemmotherapy works on the nervous system:

Gemmotherapy contains meristem cells from embryonic tissue that have the ability to remind the cells of the nervous system how they are designed to work. So regardless off all the layers of trauma, over time, the meristem cells can work with the nervous system to provide information and remind it how to work. Your body understands this information because it is not synthetic. Your body understands what comes from nature because you are nature!

The nervous system is a beautiful system that gets hung up or stuck. Sometimes throughout your day and sometimes for longer periods of time. The level of awareness that we have or lack in identifying the state of our nervous system is what stands between us and healing. The awareness is where healing begins.

This is why we find ourselves chasing tools to heal us, from one healer, practitioner, expert, specialist, protocol, magic formula to another and yet not finding lasting results. Something may improve, you'll notice something right away because we are changing things and we're energy so when we change things we notice different things but when we're applying whatever it is to ourselves without being aware of where we are in the spectrum of our nervous system, we can't receive the gifts and benefits of our therapies.

By pairing the meristem cells of gemmotherapy with the awareness of what state our nervous system is in, we could move out of difficult states, creating new neuropathways and remind our nervous system that there are clear paths to safety. 

Gemmotherapy extracts provide bumper guards for us to be in the experience and feel the emotions in an organized way. Preventing us from going into states of fight or flight and shutdown. 

Stay tuned for nervous system workshops in the new year! 

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