Maternity, Babies & Children

Effective herbal products to nourish mothers from conception to post-partum and natural baby/child care with gentle botanicals you can trust.

Maternity & Post-Partum

Your plant allies are so supportive during the fragile time of pregnancy and can make a world of a difference when it comes to the health of your pregnancy and newborn. A baby is born as healthy as his/her mothers kidneys during pregnancy. Herbal extracts, teas and aromatherapy will nourish and support you from conception and through your post partum. 


When newborns come into the world with ailments such as colic, diarrhea, infrequent stools etc. it is important to remedy the conditions with gemmotherapy extracts and prevent these 'accepted' discomforts into snowballing into more serious conditions. When left untreated the imbalance becomes greater and more complex. The Baby First Aid Kit is so valuable to have on hand when it comes to remedying your baby's root causes when symptoms first appear.  


Our children face many challenges as they grow from focus to emotions to sleep. Gemmotherapy extracts can help harmonize their nervous system which in turn addresses several challenges. Children also respond beautifully to aromatherapy remedies and herbal teas. If a child refuses to drink tea you could try making it into hot chocolates, creamy vanilla lattes or use in smoothies.  

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